Annual Appeal

Dear Friends,

In the spring of 2017, the Milton Historical Society received a book of thank yous.  In it, a young girl wrote, “Today I visited the Milton Historical Society and saw a lot of really cool artifacts!  My favorite artifact was the saws because they were really, really, really, really, REALLY cool!!!”

On May 25, 100 children from H.O. Brittingham elementary school visited the Milton Historical Society as part of a field trip experience.  Each child learned about the legacy of James “Handy” Prettyman and his ice business, got to pick up a block of ice using a pair of 20th century ice tongs, saw how ice cream was made in a home crank machine, and took away an activity sheet.  The schools and children were charged nothing for the experience. This entire event was made possible by your generosity

Each year at this time, we ask for your commitment of support. Please consider the many ways in which MHS contributes to the community experience of people of all ages.  We ask you to make your own generous contribution to our end-of-the-year Annual Appeal Fund, which has:

  • Helped mount 3 exhibits--“Paradise Frost,” “Seeds of Victory,” & “Greetings from Milton”
  • Made possible the Society’s participation in the Police Night Out, Zombie Walk, Bargains on the Broadkill, and Horseshoe Crab Festival;
  • Contributed to the purchase of a historic home at 214 Union Street, which will be one of the featured properties on this year’s Holiday House Tour;
  • Sustained our FREE educational outreach--including 9 public lectures, the “Night at the Museum”, and field trip experiences for every second grader in Milton’s schools;
  • Enabled the Society to continue our policy of “donations only” admission, which included greeting more than 2,500 visitors this year;

To understand the impact of your gift:

  • $50 provides a fieldtrip experience to one of the ten second grade classes in Milton
  • $135 heats the building for one month
  • $150 makes available two lectures from notable local speakers
  • $250 pays the museum’s electric bill for one month

In summation, 2016 Board of Trustee Kevin Kelly writes “When you support the Milton Historical Society, you preserve that past in the present for the benefit of the future. Contribute what you can for our past, our present, and our future.” All gifts are appreciated.  Please help us to continue to preserve and relay the story of Milton!

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