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Dear Friend of the Milton Historical Society and the Lydia B. Cannon Museum,

If 2020 had been an ordinary year, we would have celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Milton Historical Society this month. Further, we would be announcing in this letter the date and time to gather for our Annual Holiday Party. Alas, this is not an ordinary year.

The complexity of our times has only strengthened our commitment to Milton. Despite these challenges, the Society has been able to begin working with the Milton community to document the stories of the past fifty years and document some of the personal experiences of first responders, business people, and community leaders during the pandemic. We will be sharing these stories and experiences when we celebrate our 51st Anniversary in 2021.

Your donation to the 2020 Annual Appeal Fund will ensure the Milton Historical Society will move forward in 2021 to continue the programs begun in early 2020.

While closing our doors was a necessity to protect our members and the community at large, we continue to appreciate your encouragement and generosity to assist the Society during the pandemic. With an effective vaccine coming in 2021 and a process to distribute the vaccine among the people in the United States and the global community, we will be ready to create the community we want for Milton – a community preserving the past, honoring the present, and preparing for the future.

Your past support of the Milton Historical Society has been used to preserve and exhibit valuable Milton history and artifacts. Thank you! Your donation to the 2020 Annual Appeal Fund will allow us to reopen the doors of the Museum in 2021 when it is safe to do so.

Together we can ensure that the history of our beloved Milton will be preserved and shared for generations to come!

Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday Season and more importantly, a Healthy New Year,

The Milton Historical Society Board of Trustees

Marie Mayor, President   David Carey, Treasurer

Alonna Berry, Randy Brown, Mark Carter, Dennis Hughes, Kevin Kelly, Phil Martin

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